How Many Stars in the Sky?

oh160220Assorted punctuation (with a Saturn or two) is always funny. And interactive. YOU, dear reader, provide the curse word.

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One response to “How Many Stars in the Sky?

  1. oneswellfoop

    I’m kinda surprised your syndicate didn’t have an issue with a single comic containing 5 grawlix (yes, that’s the word for it ). Of course, all-typographical grawlix (“@#$%&!”) is needed if the cartoonist isn’t hand-lettering but using a ‘comics font’ (probably the easiest way to tell). Now Emoji characters should be making it easier but there is no Saturn emoji yet. However there are a lot of other symbols I’ve seen used in grawlix (emojis follow ): 🚀 Rocket, 🌙 Moon (Crescent), ☄ Comet, 🔥 Fire, ⚡ Thunderbolt, ☁ Cloud, ⛈ Thunder Cloud, 🏴 Black Flag, ☠ Skull and Crossbones, 💣 Bomb, 🔫 Gun (which Microsoft makes a raygun but every other system depicts as a pistol), 🗡 Dagger Knife (as opposed to 🔪 Kitchen Knife), 👻 Ghost, 👾 Alien Monster, 🚽 Toilet, ☢ Radioactive Sign,☣ Biohazard Sign, 💢 Anger Symbol (obviously anime influenced), and for more direct references, 💩 Pile of Poo and 🖕 Hand With Middle Finger Extended. Someday soon, your comic could refer to “a 💩💩💩💩load”. (I really hope these emojis render)

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