Trump to Invade Canada

oh160316Trump has been good for one thing: bringing together all the commentators over at Usually when we do politics it’s a WWE smackdown. Right and Left duking it out.  With Trump it’s an almost unanimous hate-fest.

Do you know anyone who supports him?  I don’t.



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2 responses to “Trump to Invade Canada

  1. I work in a small local deli north of Austin. We have a LOT of regulars. I’ve seen one of those regulars with a Trump hat. He’s pretty nice and he’s okay for the most part, but I now think less of him for it. But that’s the only person I’ve seen who supports him, at least vocally enough to wear the hat. Unless he’s in it for the lulz, but somehow, I imagine irony is lost on these people.

  2. I’ve said recently… Trump in trying to be divisive, is inadvertently uniting people.

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