Do the Right Thing

oh160319PLEASE do the right thing.



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4 responses to “Do the Right Thing

  1. T.M.

    I hope that you soon stop this bullying towards DT and resume being funny.
    That’s right, you’ve (and so many other) been picking and bullying Trump so intensively that people’s sympathies have turned towards him.
    I don’t care really about him, or his politics, but everyone’s behavior have made me think it would serve you to have him elected AND he that would turn out to make everything better.
    So shame on you and don’t be such an ass next time…

  2. M hdz

    Painful. Owie. Ignores, though, the very funny and trenchant humor and deftly portrayed mimicry of, say, mannerisms, recognizable turns of phrase, taken to their ridiculous extreme. Had to disect this as, otherwise, it’s completely beyond mere words. Humor. Our collective arse is on the line, is all, is what we all see, more clearly than ever.

  3. @ T.M. You sound like you’ve only heard what people are saying ABOUT him. Have you heard some of the things he’s said? I hope you’re being sarcastic, but I can’t really tell, so I’ll just say that he’s done his share of “bullying” and deserves no sympathy.

    And you should care. Because his “politics” are scary.

  4. T.M.

    @alyeska39, actually I was not sarcastic. I’ve heard some of the things he said and yes, his politics are scary. I’m also quite concerned that those who oppose his politics are attacking his personality and looks rather than his politics. And that’s bullying. And he been a bully, doesn’t make it right either.
    If not for anything else, then because it hasn’t worked.
    By bullying his adversaries have lowered themselves to his level and his there his is beating everyone hands down. With experience.
    It points out with those protesters. They harass his events and makes him the victim thus increasing his popularity and make his opponents look like idiots. Although, if there were no such protesters, I bet he’d hire some.

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