Your Mind is Not a Crowded Theater

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Over the Hedge

Attention: I’m about to yell at you to get off my lawn.

Just because I come off all centrist (seriously, I’m centrist), doesn’t mean I don’t find all this college PC crap a load of well,…crap.  I’m a  First Amendment absolutist. I get to say, write, cartoon, scream, whisper, blog, text, whatever I want. You don’t have to listen. But you sure as hell can’t shut me up. The only exception is when my speech incites DIRECT violence that results in physical (not mental) harm (i.e. yelling fire in a crowded theater). Your mind is NOT a crowded theater! You are not entitled to a “safe space” free of all potentially hurtful speech. You can certainly encourage people not to say hurtful things, but you cannot outlaw it.  There’s a very simple reason why you can’t. Because who gets to decide what’s acceptable speech and what isn’t? You? The government? Me? What’s the litmus test? Your hurt feelings?




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3 responses to “Your Mind is Not a Crowded Theater

  1. That’s true, as long as you remember that that goes both ways. You have the right to be offensive, and I have the right to call you out on it. (I don’t mean you specifically here; you haven’t ever really said anything that made me want you to shut up. People who get offended at things like swearing are focused on the wrong part of life.) BUT a lot of times someone will say stupid, hurtful things, and then get mad and cite the 1st Amendment when people get mad and criticize them for it. That’s not what that is. The 1st Amendment protects you from being arrested for saying those things, not from the social consequences of having said them.

    On another note, want some ripe bullshit? A neighbor of mine just put up a Confederate flag. Same house (different people, but they sold it to family/friends) that had a SWAT raid a while back. I do not know what to do. My neighbors are jackasses. I’m a bit testy about 1st Amendment things right now. If you couldn’t tell.

  2. That’s what cartooning is about… peeling back the layers and getting to the heart of it. Telling the story.

    Both well said.

    Rather than litigation, education would change a lot of crap.

    Like the “culturally sensitive Halloween costume” thing. I spent enough time doing living history to cringe when the guy came into the craft store looking for something for a Viking costume (fake fur, fake suede, or is that Swede?, includes horns…) so I educate him. A Native friend once grumbled about “having to educate everyone”… yeah, well, you’re the only one who can, who can educate them, who can tell your story, and maybe get them to not do that gawdawful Pocahontas costume this year.

    There was the Grandmother who told me the story of her church group heading out to a Sunday picnic… and encountering racism in York County PA in the Jim Crow era.

    Tell the story, it can change things.

    As for the morons with the confederate flag; that’s so deep rooted it’s hard to yank out, I knew some perfectly sane churchgoin’ folk who claimed the flag as a cultural heritage thing. They don’t see it as racist. The culture changes over time, the attitudes and view of an icon change. There’s always a segment of the culture living in the dark ages, clinging to the past they know and understand.

    But yeah, if we are all tip-toeing around, trying not to offend anyone, nothing would ever get done. Harry Potter would never get written because some religious wrongheads would condemn it. Star Trek would never have been diverse (or had that famous First Interracial Kiss) because some moron would have blocked it.

    Carry on!

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