None Dare Call it Squid Brains

Over the Hedge - oh160501comb_ht.tif

Over the Hedge

This is a repeat. I think. I write these things so far ahead of time that I forget. Of course, if I’d written yesterday I’d forget it anyway. Something about the amount of RAM in my head diminishing with age. Either that or aliens are doing a data dump while I sleep. Lucky them, getting to keep all those squid brains gags for themselves.

Stupid aliens.


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2 responses to “None Dare Call it Squid Brains

  1. oneswellfoop

    You may not remember, but your WordPress blogging thingy does, because under “Related” it lists “The One Where Verne Eats Squid Brains” which was this strip almost exactly 2 years ago (May 4, 2014). You commented then: “I have no memory of writing this. I did write it on 3/10. I just don’t remember. It’s not a bad comic, so I wasn’t trying to block it out. Perhaps I wrote it then had a martini and that blocked it out. More than possible. Thanks for sharing this senior moment with me.” and I left a comment saying: “Actually, memory loss IS a side effect from consuming squid brains… or hummus that was past its expiration date…”

    I seriously considered making that same comment again, but I prefer to leave the fourth-wall-breaking to professionals. You’re welcome.

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