Jack Fry 2004?-2016

Sad day. Our loyal pitty Jack passed away today due to complications from cancer. He was a terrific companion and a stelar example of his much maligned breed.

We didn’t pick Jack out. He picked us. Sort of. Someone dumped him on our property and here in Hays County, TX they euthanize all pit bulls. We couldn’t let that happen. When we first got him he had issues because he had clearly been abused. But he matured into a mellow fellow who rewarded our trust with his own.

He was the most expensive dog we’ve ever owned.  One rattlesnake bite and a broken leg from trying to fly out a second story window add up.  But he was worth it.

He also inspired the single most popular series in the Over the Hedge comic. We did a 2-3 week installment on a harmless puppy pit bull (Verne and RJ spent the series up a tree). The outpouring of appreciation from pit bull owners the world over was astonishing. I received at least a dozen photos of pit bulls sleeping with babies.

Jack has left a hole in Kim’s and my heart. We’ll miss he dearly. At some point we’ll get another dog. And we’ll almost certainly get another pitty. He or she have some big paws to fill.

Bye, Buddy.



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12 responses to “Jack Fry 2004?-2016

  1. @mariejeanne26ff

    Aaw, he’s gorgeous. I’m so sorry for your loss x

  2. Mary Koch

    My sincere sympathy over the loss of Jack. Of course you’ll get another dog, but no dog can ever be replaced, especially one like Jack.

  3. Steve Bitter

    My deepest condolences to you and yours on your loss…

  4. Danny Fry

    I’m very sorry, Michael. I know it hurts.

  5. I’ve always said you can’t judge a dog by breed. It’s strictly upbringing. I know a mini pit who is such a sweetheart. My rescue is a Shepard who would only be dangerous (not that she wants you to now that) if you tried to hurt me. Keep up the good work guys and still hoping for a movie sequel despite losing “Verne”.

  6. Gus Bailey

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  7. Prayers for your family as you adjust to the loss of your sweet Jack. We have been the proud companions of two pit bulls and would readily adopt another. They are the sweetest, kindest, and most loving breed around. Please consider adopting another pittie–you won’t regret it!

  8. M

    Beautiful tribute. Loved the photos of the kid and his cool bed.

  9. Nancy Osgood

    So sorry. 😔

  10. Jan

    We have a pibble who was probably a bait dog. She was thrown out of a car window as a puppy and brought by the police to the vet where my daughter works. I know from her and others how sweet, willful, comical and willing to please their owner pibbles are. Fun.
    So very sorry for your loss.

  11. Denise Krupa

    I’m so sorry for your loss. The love of and for a good dog is the purest love there is.

  12. Donna

    Just came across this post after catching up on past strips…..so sorry for your loss. What a sweet handsome pup!

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