Fall Falls

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Over the Hedge

Today is a sad day. My hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Orlando. This senseless and preventable violence has to stop. We have to consider common sense gun control. I don’t want to ban your handguns or your hunting rifles, I just want to ban weapons who’s only purpose is to kill people.

That just doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.



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2 responses to “Fall Falls

  1. Fran in Texas

    Dearest Michael Fry, we so agree with you about the guns. Why isn’t there a national referendum about this? After we saw the horrific news from Orlando this morning, our son shared this quote with us; it’s from the movie ‘Alien’:

    Newt: My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.
    Ripley: Yes, there are, aren’t there?
    Newt: Why do they tell little kids that?
    Ripley: Most of the time it’s true.

  2. Gus Bailey

    When you’re ready to set down your pens and refrain from exactly this kind of commentary, which I wont ask you to do; we can talk about the Second Amendment.

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