Hammy Just Wants To Have Fun

oh160627Sorry about that Cyndi Lauper earworm now in your head. It should run it’s course by tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Hammy Just Wants To Have Fun

  1. Don’t worry be Happy now, …….
    K were even now 🙂

  2. oneswellfoop

    I hope you realize that the Trade Paperback collections of the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics all have squirrel/girl puns in their subtitles… “Squirrel Power”, “Squirrel You Know It’s True”, “Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now”… Marvel Comics has become the nexus for squirrely humor, so if you can possibly get Hammy a cameo appearance in their series… after that you can bring R.J. together with Rocket Raccoon, and then… Not-Teenage Not-Mutant Not-Ninja Verne!!!

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