Over the Hedge - oh160703comb_ht.tif

Over the Hedge

I love the word huzzah. Say it three times fast. Wasn’t that fun?

Remember, it’s the simple things.

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One response to “One…Two…Three…HUZZAH!

  1. Marcia Bowers

    I’m mot sure if this will be received by the cartoonist or not. If not, please ignore this question: Are the rights to use a drawing from Committed for sale? It’s only the busted track (trying to be DNA) that’s needed, to use as a motif, only on the box for a new game I’ve made, still a beta but done except for production of its parts and decent artwork for the box. Game is called Off the Track. Date of Committed comic drawing’s publication was April 8, 1999, it appears, and only the rickety track itself is needed, not the words, or the humorous element about its being DNA. If so, can it be paid for by using donate button at a monthly fee. Game about financial literacy but not didactic, rather a game of chance on the roller coaster that has been the US economy, put on a RR track but with collapses for many of the Panics off and on since 1700’s (and imaginary track for players’ ideas of the future bubbles and baubles), plus a side order of Mexico’s points of interest thrown in, for when the game later is translated for English learners who want a business terms game. Thank you and please reply with any questions to I realize that the work may not be available or this inquiry may not be answered at all, as it’s unworkable. Marcia Bowers

    Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2016 18:51:16 +0000 To:

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