Water Water Everywhere

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Over the Hedge

Wow. This one started a kerfuffle over at gocomics.com/overthehedge. Apparently, a large portion of my audience (now getting smaller) are climate change deniers. The specificity of denial is impressive. Wrong, but impressive in it’s seemingly technical assurance and misstatement of facts. It is a fact that 97% of climate change scientists believe that humans are driving rising CO2 and climate change.  Now, you can disagree. You can say stuff like 97% of scientists 400 years ago thought using leaches was quality health care. But it’s not 400 years ago. It’s now. There’s real evidence. It’s not all a money grab for government grants.

Here’s a good article on the 97% thing on the web site Skeptical Science.

Also, I realize North Pole melting doesn’t increase sea level. The North Pole is a frozen ocean. Melting ice cubes in your gin and tonic do not raise the level of liquid. It’s the South Pole and Greenland that are the concern.


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3 responses to “Water Water Everywhere

  1. Fran in Texas

    Well, we sympathize with the climate-change deniers, who seem to be unaware of the fires and floods and coastal losses, but we ourselves love this, being fond of facts, science, and reality. So keep ’em coming, dear Michael Fry. 🙂 🙂

  2. I can go either way on this sort of thing. I’ve seen too many miscalculations and knee-jerk reactions that cause other problems. I go back to pre-2000 when it was all about “save the trees” and people gave you the stink-eye if you wanted paper grocery bags instead of plastic… but flash to now, and we have too much plastic in the landfills and you have to wonder about the wisdom of that movement. Sure, saving the trees was a good idea BUT switch to plastic was clearly not. So… I’m not 100% convinced we “know” what is causing any global climate change. It could be us, I mean, we affect the environment just by being here… but, and here’s the thing… when I hear about all the things they think cause it… they don’t mention the things *I* would think of… like… all the new heat-absorbing surface area (homes, buildings, roads, etc.) we have built over the last century that help to trap heat during the day. There’s also refrigeration and air conditioning… the heat pump works by moving heat around. So, your house is cooled to 75 degrees on a 95 degree day, that means a bunch of extra heat was pumped outdoors. Factor in all the indoor air conditioning and refrigerators and freezers, and I suspect there should be a measurable increase in measured outdoor temperature from all this too. So, I caution people who want to jump on another bandwagon, to be sure we aren’t missing the real problem OR inadvertently causing a new unanticipated problem with our choices.

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