Leaky Brains

oh160818This is the first political cartoon in the history of Over the Hedge that nobody over at gocomics.com went ballistic about.  I chalk this up to the phony false equivalency we set up between Hilary and Trump.

Rest assured there is no equivalency. Hilary is a typical veracity challenged establishment politician and Trump is a clown. No. Strike that. That’s an insult to to clowns. Sorry, clowns.

Trump is an idiot.

Sorry, idiots.



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2 responses to “Leaky Brains

  1. I was thinking more narcissistic testosterone poisoned toddler (banging pots and pans for attention) with badly channeled ADHD and pants on fire…

    Possibly also evil version of Loki (without Tom Hiddleston’s charisma) or other trickster figure in disguise…

  2. At least the typical veracity challenged career politician has lots of experience and knows how to navigate the system.

    But we love the squirrel.

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