Bouncing Down the House

oh160912For all our millennial readers (7? 8?), the headline is an early 80’s Talking Heads reference.

Yes, I am old. But I’m a trying-too-hard-hip kind of old.



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3 responses to “Bouncing Down the House

  1. oneswellfoop

    Then again, if you wanted to be REALLY old (like me), you could make a reference to one of the Talking Heads hits from the 1970s: “Psycho Killer” or “Take Me To The River” (which was actually an Al Green song he wrote much earlier in the ’70s). Or maybe right on the cusp between the ’70s and ’80s with “Once in a Lifetime”. You may find yourself… writing a syndicated comic strip… and you ask yourself… how did I get here?

  2. Hydrohead

    I could see Hammy liking the Talking Heads.

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