A Raccoon is a Human’s Best Friend

oh160922I just realized RJ’s powers of deceit, ignorance and rationalization qualify him to run for president.

Why do I feel more comfortable with RJ in the white house than #orangeisthenewblackdeath?

It’s sad that we can absolutely do worse than a fictional cartoon character leading the free world.

So sad.


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One response to “A Raccoon is a Human’s Best Friend

  1. Cristina Alexander

    I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Fry. There are times when I wish my favorite cartoon/anime/video game character would just jump out of their fictional dimension and into ours because, since protagonist characters are written with a high sense of morality and justice, they can fix our political system in a way that makes it fair for everybody. Now with the election just right around the corner, I’m scared that Donald Trump–or #orangeisthenewblackdeath, as you aptly call him–may buy out the election, which I believe should be illegal if it hasn’t been outlawed already. I would take the President from two of my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog games over #orangeisthenewblackdeath any day.

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