Birth of a Snack Cake

oh160928I hard to imagine something like the Twinkie being invented. It seems to have always just been. Ever. And Always.




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3 responses to “Birth of a Snack Cake

  1. Stephen Smoogen

    I love that T used the classic Tardis circles.

  2. My dad told me years ago that the original Twinkies had banana-creme filling. They went to white creme when rationing was started in WWII.

  3. oneswellfoop

    I like the Phillips Sonic Screwdriver. But I like any references to Phillips screwdrivers because I had an uncle who married into the Phillips family and used their money to buy some farmland near Toledo, Ohio and become a Gentleman Farmer (actually Egg Rancher). Not quite Eddie Albert in Green Acres, but uncomfortably close, and any time I see a Phillips screw I think of Uncle Harry-call-me-Bud.

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