Stand Very, Very Still

Over the Hedge - oh161009comb_ht.tif

Over the Hedge

Still waiting for the monarchs around here. Should be through any day. I’ll post a photo when they arrive.

If they arrive. Fingers crossed.


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One response to “Stand Very, Very Still

  1. oneswellfoop

    I live near Pismo Beach, which, just off the beach, has a grove of trees that is one of the northern-most Monarch Butterfly wintering areas.
    Of course, Pismo used to be famous for its clams, even putting six-foot-tall clam statues next to “Now Entering” signs. But the clams got depleted by the all the tourists, and now, during Butterfly Season (November to February), the clam statues are painted to look like butterfly wings. It’s wonderfully weird here.
    Anyway, I’d invite you up to visit me and the butterflies, but I have zero room for visitors. However, there are a couple syndicated cartoonists who live in this area, Leigh Rubin of Rubes and Jerry Scott of Zits. If you do see them, say hi for me and they’ll say “WHO?”

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