Peace Be With Us

Over the Hedge - oh161023comb_ht.tifT did a GREAT job with this one.  Nice helicopter and soldiers.

Predictable, commentators over at are going ballistic over this one.

Folks, we OCCASIONALLY get political. T and I are moderates. This has been an outlier of an election. Trump is a clown. Hilary is a status-quo politician with lots and lots of baggage. Not equivalent. I’ll take the baggage over the clown any day. And I’m happy to say it appears as though most people agree.



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2 responses to “Peace Be With Us

  1. bwaaa haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’ll take the baggage too.

    Trumpaloompa is an Shadowy Trickster Figure whose purpose is to show us how not to do stuff. And stuff. I think Loki is tied up in the basement somewhere…

    Where’s Thor when you need him…

  2. grantlee3000

    The Clintons were the ones that sent guards with assault rifles to get Elian Gonzalez. Anyone remember? Most normal people would just send Case Workers. I don’t ever remember hearing reports of Trump sending SWAT teams to his casinos or golf courses.

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