And A Star Will Guide Them

oh161224Okay, this is a bit dark for Christmas Eve. I apologize. It’s been a tough year. On the plus side, today’s cartoon has kicked up a fun fuss over at gocomics. Here’s what I wrote in the discussions:

I used to think our audience was turning old and cynical. But I’m cheered by today’s responses, both supportive and not. Christmas time (for believers or not) is the celebration of the birth of an idea… peace on Earth, goodwill toward all of us. I’m both concerned and hopeful for 2017. I’m concerned about the direction the world is headed, but hopeful from my study of history that we humans have a way of surprising even ourselves. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And to all a very, VERY, good New Year. – Michael Fry, writer/co-creator of Over the Hedge.

Onward through the fog.

Please turn down your high-beams.


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