What Did You Get For Xmas?

Over the Hedge - oh161225comb_ht.tifI got a drone!


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One response to “What Did You Get For Xmas?

  1. Points for the Whovian Compendium.

    E#xtra points for mostly functional reindeer harness (OK, you missed the reins, but maybe they’re like, telepathic, or work like sled dogs on voice commands…).

    Also points for reindeer with proper caribouish antlers and big furry feets. And Rudolph. And Hammie instead of Hermie.

    Artists who don’t research their harness make me want to grab the mighty Mjolnir and smite… you guys are pretty awesome.

    in which I blogged on about harness on horses, dawgs, goats, reindeer and one ostrich…


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