The Revenge of Verne

hedge02062017I know this is cathartic for a lot of you, but be careful what you wish for. The delicate character balance of the strip is a stake.

Still, nice to see RJ so scared.



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2 responses to “The Revenge of Verne

  1. Mary Morrison


  2. Maddie Stretch

    its nice to shake things up. I remember when you allowed the mirror image of Sammy to swap with Hammy….it would be decent to allow Verne to have a pair of ‘nads. It gets wearisome that he’s constantly the scapegoat, the buffoon. You know where it’s going but still you hope that you break a few barriers. I enjoy the strip, often times I know where it’s going, other times it’s an unexpected corner. Which I appreciate. I also enjoy that you’re diversifying the characters in the strip more.

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