Quit While You Are a Head

Hedge10012017Today’s head-line (get it?) is courtesy of HKYNTI over at gocomics.com.

I think we’ll have football in ten years, but it’ll be way different. I think they should go full rugby and a get rid of helmets all together.  You’re not going to lead with the crown of your head if the chances of dying are 100%.

No, I don’t know why the pizza is pink.



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3 responses to “Quit While You Are a Head

  1. ragingoceans36

    I guess he won’t be the… head of a major corporation? Or get a-head in life?


  2. I love this strip but…..HOW DO I MAKE IT BIGGER?????? I CAN'[T SEE IT!!!! (You need to do a strip on old owls or something…)

  3. hold control while turning the mouse scroll to make it bigger/smaller

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