Wingnut Waltz

Hedge01262017Woo-Boy this got a lot comment over at  My fav:

Well, this was the last time I waste my time on a comic that shouldn’t be political, but is. And the politics are stupid, left-wing, and socialist. Good by, good riddance, and may Michael Fry fry in Hell.

Is Fry frying in Hell redundant?

Asking for a friend.



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3 responses to “Wingnut Waltz

  1. Marcia Bowers

    Commenter walks away wlthout making any substantive comment. We all almost always regret losing a chance to make a real, valuable piece of input…. Though the cartoon gives us all such a chance.

  2. Help us Obi-Wan Fry, you’re our only hope…

  3. PS: seriously, comics are the modern Bard, speaking truth to power…also talking animals are as old as us hunched around campfires watching a guy with a bearskin thrown over him telling stories…

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