There’s No Vaccine For Stupid

Hedge05271975 comments and counting over at That’s close to a record. And only ONE anti-vaxxer comment. Either we’re winning the war or our audience is self-selecting against stupidity.

I have one pet issue. This is it. I have a friend (probably former friend now) who is an anti-vaxxer. This otherwise intelligent person is convinced vaccines are a net public nuisance.  This caused me to do a lot of research. Despite all the anti-vac stuff online, I am unconvinced as to the risks. In fact, I find the evidence overwhelmingly in favor of vaccines.

I just don’t understand. And when I don’t understand I try to understand. And when that fails, I write comics about it.



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2 responses to “There’s No Vaccine For Stupid

  1. Dutch Uncle

    My son got raging fevers after each of the childhood vaccinations. Because of a separate problem, my wife was tested for allergies to antibiotics, and turned out to be allergic to multiple categories – including antibiotics used as preservative in almost all vaccines from all manufacturers, because allergies to them are supposedly rare, and they are “generally recognized as safe”. No surprise, then, that our son also tested as allergic. It is impossible to tell if those raging fevers had anything to do with subtle but important issues later on. It would be nice, before we pump chemicals into little babies where we don’t even know what’s normal for them yet, if we TESTED them somehow – take a blood sample and TEST it for safety before using the BABY as a test tube. Absolutely take the vaccine – if it’s safe for you, which is true for 98 of 100 people. The other 2 people, be cool.

  2. In the UK, vaccines are regularly tested and we have an open system to record side effects, reactions, etc. Fevers are normal after certain vaccines. They are a sign the body is dealing with the infection. It is especially normal after the MMR as it is a live vaccine.

    It is possible to allergy test children before vaccines but, if there is no family history of it, it would seem to be not clinically useful. If there is a family history, it makes a lot of sense. In the case of the previous commenter, if the mum has shown an allergy to something before the vaccine, it would have made a lot of sense to pay for an allergy test. Ingredients lists should be available for any vaccines for the purpose of allergy checking.

    There are cases where vaccines cannot and should not be used. That’s precisely why most people should get vaccinated – to give herd immunity to those who can’t be.

    And it is important to remember that every substance you will ever meet is a chemical and therefore when a women breastfeeds, she is pumping a child full of chemicals too. Those are good ones though. There are lots of different chemicals (from water to acetone to cyanide) and some are better for you than others. Oddly, it’s not just a case of bad chemical vs good chemical.

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