Welcome to the Over the Hedge Blog where we will discuss all things Hammy, RJ and if you insist, Verne.  

In case you’re lost, confused or NOT one of our several dozen fans, Over the Hedge is an internationally syndicated comic strip that runs in about 130 newspapers worldwide.  I say “about” because newspapers are melting away like ice caps and it’s just too depressing to check.   I like to be optimistic, which is to say, ignorant, of our exact status.  

Meanwhile, we (and by we I mean me) are moving our focus online in an attempt to define and exploit our niche.  In other words, I have a theory that if I know each fan by name it makes it a lot easier to guilt them into buying a book or some swag.  Like, “Jeff, the mortgage is due and I really think it’s time you bought another T-shirt.”  Or, “Mitch, remember that time I patiently stood vigle while you had that certain embarrassing medical procedure back in ’84?  I think it’s about time you repaid that debt with a purchase of a Hammy inside-the-egg-egg-scrambler.   I’m very optimistic about this theory.   

We’ll be adding lots of other content (and sales items) in the coming weeks.  Thanks for checking us out and please, please, please, keep on reading Over the Hedge.

Your servant in need, 

Michael Fry

32 responses to “About

  1. Debi

    I love “Over the Hedge” and can’t wait to read the strip every day. I keep looking to see if more comic collections are coming out, but haven’t seen anything lately. Hammy is my favorite, but Verne is so earnest about trying to keep some normalcy in a world that’s anything but, and RJ is just out to exploit. Actually, I love them all!

  2. MLRose

    I really enjoy your comic strip. I can’t wait to read it everyday and to see what that rascal Hammy is up to.
    He is very unusual to say the least. I know someone just like him, and it is a delight to see that mentality in print although a bit scary. Keep up the great work. I really enjoyed it when you dressed Hammy as great historical figures of the past. Hammy lends credibility to the real issues in life that get over shadowed by the oil leaks and wars etc.
    He lightens up the heavy news despite all of other stuff.

  3. David Ebinger

    Team Fry

    I am a contractor w/ ITT working w/ the Air Force in Kandahar. I read your feature daily in The Stars and Strips. Being a new reader I was wondering If Hammy has done a take off on Journeys “A girl like you?” ( I’ve been waiting for a squirrel like you.) I will be reading the archives to see.

    I enjoy your work
    David Ebinger
    Kandahar – Sarasota, Florida

  4. lizziemay

    are they making an over the hedge 2 film i mean theres a comic book called over the hedge 2 so why don’t they make one

  5. Merry

    I absolutely love Over the Hedge and have ever since the I read the first book.
    Having lived in Florida, land of the RABID HOA’S, this look at life in suburbia is worthy of ROTFL and yes I have met several real life Gladys Sharpe’s and I can safely say that you hit that nail right on the head.
    Please keep these little guys just the way they are, but my husband would love to see more of the Tree that knows stuff.

  6. megz111

    i love over the hedge! RJ has to be my favourite! he’s so funny and cute! 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Mike,

    Can I borrow 13 bucks to buy one of your mugs? I swear to God, dude, I’ll pay you back when I get my next paycheck. What? Why’re you giving me that LOOK? Hey, you know DAMN good and well that you make a lot more money than ME. So cut a dragon some slack, Mike! I’m TRYING to help you out!

  8. Well, my name WAS supposed to show up, but it didn’t. That’s why you’re sitting there shaking your head, going, “Cut a dragon some slack? What in the @#$% is THAT supposed to mean?” Okay, for the record, it’s BlueDragonATX. And yesterday, it SAID I was logged in through the Twitter app. when I typed that message. So, IDK what happened.

  9. Good info. I reached on your website by accident, so thanks.

  10. Anonymous

    Michael, I am a big fan of your work. Please keep them coming and thank you.

  11. I first heard of OTH when I saw the excellent film… end credits, little comix…hey, it’s a comic!?!?! A few years, and internet access, later (yes, I have clambered out of the woods into the Electronic Age, or was that last century?) I have found you! Thanks for creating one of the more intelligent things on paper or electrons. Keep it up (and don’t lose your nuts).

  12. Nikki

    In the fourth grade I loved this comic but it I didn’t know what it was called. I just recently found out. I have an old newspaper clipping but it is tearing apart do you still have those stripes if they were about 5-6 years ago

  13. Could you by chance post a list of books available with collected strips of Over the Hedge. The Over the Hedge wikipedia page doesn’t even mention that there are any collected strip books.

  14. I just read that the Twinkies owner is looking for a buyer of the brand—hopefully the recipe too. Maybe RJ should buy it! Then he’d have all the authentic Twinkies he and the world want (16Apr12).

  15. Greetings Michael,
    I love your work. Alas, I think the ice has melted down under here in Australia. I don’t think it appears in any of our newspapers, but you’re in the global e-rag, so very glad to have discovered your site. Out of curiosity, what media do you use?

  16. Hey there, I’ve nominated your for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award!’ Please visit http://vonbandersnatch.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/isnt-that-lovely/ for more details…

  17. boB

    Could you in your “About” give more information about the nature of your and T. Lewis’s relationship… professionally, I mean. I think I’ve figured out that you… do the writing and decide on the story line and introduce mayhem, and that T. Lewis… does all the drawing and lettering and maybe coloring and makes Hammy extra wacky, is that right? Do you actually draw any Over The Hedge, or is that strictly T. Lewis’s domain? If you do, could we tell the difference between your panels and T’s?

  18. I write the strip and T draws it. I’ve never drawn any part of Hedge except once when I redrew a strip to depict some design alternative that I don’t remember. T ignored it. T does a great job. These days I just leave him alone.

    I do draw though. I did all 296 drawings in my new kids’s book: The Odd Squad: Bully Bait (Disney-Hyperion, Feb. 2013).

  19. Anonymous

    I finally got my copy of Arthur Christmas, but I wish it was cooler so I could watch it 😦 Waiting for winter again…

  20. Shane

    Got to love RJ!!

  21. Hi, I have to admit that I’ve only just discovered that your comic strip idea was behind the film-can I use the excuse of being British?! My daughter loves the film. We’ve watched it a lot….
    I actually came across you from Kid Lit Reviews and the review of Bully Bait. Looks absolutely brilliant. Always wonderful to discover new things, thanks.

  22. wishing you the best of luck. Your comics are great. As an aspirirng cartoonist, I know how difficult it is to get things going.

  23. Just reading your ‘about’ as made me a fan… 🙂

  24. Anonymous

    Did you guys enjoy the film adaptation?

  25. Yes. It’s not everything the strip is. But it’s enough.

  26. You’re syndicated?! That’s the coolest! I’d love to have a comic running in like…one newspaper.

    Oh! I drew a raccoon for my last post.

    You like to draw animals! Let me know what you think of him. He introduced himself as “Mr. Rakoon.”

    Those things can’t spell.

  27. VJ

    My crumpled paper comics from the 80s or so are long gone. (This was before we had this neat thing called the internet. I still like newspapers, if not their biases.) But I had a comic about the baby: that having a baby must be like pushing a pot roast through a cheerio. My all-time favorite! The kid not wanting to be born until it smelled chocolate chip cookies was pretty good too, but how can I find the one about what having a baby must be like? Thank you!

  28. Thanks to my father who informed me concerning this web site, this website is
    truly amazing.

  29. Lancer226

    I haven’t seen “Over The Hedge” since the Los Angeles Times dropped it or the release of the last strip collection “Stuffed Animals,” whichever was later. I’m pleasantly surprised to see it apparently thriving online. How do I catch up with the last several (?) years of the strip since then without having to page through screen after screen? Have there been any collections since “Stuffed Animals,” either online or book form?

  30. Rick Sewell

    Re: What’s in the box. I think you have been reading too much Beckett.
    Great fun, though!! Thanks.

  31. Larry

    I discovered Over the Hedge on Go Comics last year, read it every day! Just recently saw the movie, Now I understand the characters much better. Keep up the good work.

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