Michael Fry and/or T Lewis are available for appearances, speeches and presentations subject to availability.  Recent appearances include  The Austin Film Festival, FurCon in San Jose and the Raptus Norwegian Comics Festival.

We’re HUGE in Norway.


3 responses to “Appearances

  1. ML Kashima

    Hammy is so sensitive and insightful to nature. I really, really got it when he took care of all of the fallen leaves.

  2. ML Kashima

    I am glad that I found Feb. 8th’s cartoon today on your blog. Hammy is quite the guy. Will he be celebrating the new spring leaves after the blossoms if your trees are flowering or cherry trees??? Thanks for your work. Keep it up:))

  3. I imagine this page hasn’t been updated in some time. For a moment, I thought you’d be at the NEXT Further Confusion 😛

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