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Yay, Thumbs!

Hedge103119Reality is for people who can’t handle comics.

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RJ’s Makeover

Hedge110918Over the Hedge:  Going a LONG way for a trash panda joke.

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How Batman Might TRY to Beat Superman

oh160216I realize that Batman and Superman have battled in the comic books.  Usually, Batman uses some sort of kryptonite weapon to weaken Superman (and he has superior tactics). But still, the premise is ridiculous. First, they should be allies, not enemies. Second, WTF, it’s Superman!  He’s made of steel! He flies!  He flies FAST! He ?#$$!! once slowed the Earth’s orbit!



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The One Where Verne is Dressed as a Nun

oh150425 I think I wrote to dress Verne up as Maria in the opening scenes of the Sound of Music. But this works too. You know, if you’re over fifty and have a fondness for weird late 60’s sit-coms.

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