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Yay, Thumbs!

Hedge103119Reality is for people who can’t handle comics.

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Cartoon Jeopardy

oh140901Hammy’s avatar is a spatula. Of course it is.

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Hammy’s Day Off

oh140519Hmm… I think a t-shirt of this may be in order.


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The One with Robert “Sunshine” Burns

oh131231I spent a whole summer in Europe when I was in college and the sun shined twice.  Not two days.  Twice, briefly, like a slim tease of warmth and waning depression.

More than anything else I think this explains the colonization of America.

For more gross simplifications of human migratory patterns be sure and stay tuned to this blog.


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The Odd Squad: Zero Tolerance Debuts 9/3

I’ve spared y’all my usual relentless promotion of all things Odd Squad, but I can stall no more. The second installment of my middle grade series debuts on 9/3 in bookstores and online.


Here’s a brief summary:

After taming the school’s biggest bully, Nick, Molly and Karl expect to bask in Safety Patrol glory. But without a bully to set straight, all they’re left with is helping sixth graders cross the hall and reminding everyone that Jell-o meat stains.Enter new kid Simone, who becomes fast friends with Molly but gets on Nick’s nerves when she makes light of his quest to find Emily, the mysterious middle school protector who may or may not be real. In an effort to prove he’s right, Nick tries to flush Emily out, only to bring the wrath of a new Zero Tolerance policy down on Emily Dickinson Middle School.

Nick’s in way over his head (he’s not that tall in the first place) and risks expulsion if he can’t restore his good name. Since Nick is an expert at making wrong moves, he could be in big trouble. Because if there’s one thing worse than being the shortest seventh grader in the history of the world, it’shaving to go through it twice.

“Fry(Bully Bait,2013) hits his stride in this second hilarious exploration of the hazards andhistrionics of middle school Nick ably joins [Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s] GregHeffley and Big Nate in comically maneuvering the minefield of middle schoollife.” –Kirkus Reviews

Other cool promotional/marketing stuff going on with Zero Tolerance include a television ad campaign (I know!) and a special in-aisle display promotion at select Walmarts.

As I did with the first book, The Odd Squad: Bully Bait, everyone who pre-orders online and emails me a receipt will get a FREE original drawing.  Here’s the amazon link. Here’s the ibooks link. Here’s the Barnes and Noble link.  Send your receipt to:

Also, there will be a third Odd Squad book (King Karl) coming out next year in early summer (no exact date yet).

The first book continues to do well and there are high expectations for books 2 and 3.  With your help we’ll keep chipping away at Wimpy Kid.  He’s got about a 60 million book head start, but Nick, Molly and Karl are gaining on him.


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