T-shirts! Mugs! Commemorative Sporks!  Everything you didn’t know you needed at our Cafe Press Store.

15 responses to “Store

  1. megz111

    i like the site and all but at the store there isnt any items with RJ or Verne on them. surely there should be as they are both main characters in the strip.

  2. Jack Lynn

    What happened to the redneck flamingos — when will they return — ?

  3. joe Berry

    How does one find archive strips of four or five years ago/

  4. Try I think if you join you get access to the archives. Good luck. -mf

  5. none of the store links seems to be working 😦

  6. Seems to be a cafepress problem. I’ll check into it. Thanks for alerting me.

  7. Seems to be working again.


  8. Steve

    I have a pomeranian named “Willie”. He wants to join the strip but wants a t-shirt first. I think he is jealous of the oven mits.

  9. Mark

    We really need mdse with Verne playing that bassoon of his …. we real-world bassoonists know it would drive the ladies wild.

  10. Nathan

    RJ swag would be pretty awesome.

  11. where can I find a collection of over the hedge comic strips. I see volume 1-4 on Amazon, but they only go through 2006. Are there more volumes/collections beyond this?

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