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Hammy Road

Over the Hedge

Most people blame Yoko Ono for the break up of the Beatles, but the truth is that a silly squirrel is the real culprit.

Hammy joined the Beatles as a harmonica wrestler shortly after their trip to India.   He bonded with each of the Beatles in turn.  John admired Hammy’s free spirit.  Paul liked that Hammy could be cute without being cloying.   George thought Hammy was the reincarnation of his boyhood pet hamster.  And Ringo thought Hammy was soft.   Each Beatle saw in Hammy what they were not:  free, schmaltz lite, spiritually connected and furry.   And each was inspired by Hammy to seek their separate path to enlightenment and/or eternal hammyness.

“All you need is love.”

And Hammy.


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