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Spin & Fidget

Hedge06052017I just got off book tour for How to Be a Supervillain and saw these things at school visits ALL over the place. As someone with ADD I can tell you that another mindless distraction is not panacea. My God, we already have the internet (where attention goes to die). What else do you need?

Now put the toy away and get back to work!



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Head Mice Week

I’m often asked where I get my ideas for the strip.  Mostly I pretty much make this shit up as I go along (other than the ones I buy on the black market or generate through our comic gag sweat shop in Latvia).   But this week’s “head mice” were inspired by a Twitter conversation with Pearl Wible (isn’t that the best name).  Pearl  is someone I don’t know at all, but follow on Twitter because she’s funny (@PearlW).

Anyway, she tweeted, “What’s the scientific name for that millisecond of panic when you think you’ve texted the wrong person?”  And I tweeted back, “Ohfuckitis.”   And she replied, ” good one! I think I have chronic ohfuckitis. 🙂  And I replied, “you’ll be fine as long as it doesn’t progress to head mice. Then you’re screwed.”   And I thought head mice was sort of clever, what can I do with that?   And this week’s strips are the result.  You can see how low I keep the idea bar when “sort of clever” soars over the top.

No, Pearl won’t be seeing any residuals for her part in Head Mice Week.  But she does get my eternal gratitude (that and $5 will buy her a cup of coffee).

Wasn’t that interesting?  No?  Not really?  Well, sorry.  That’s all I got today.  I ran out of my ADD meds and my synapses aren’t exactly sy-napping.

I leave you with this parting thought…

Live every week as though it were Head Mice Week.


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Capes, Cats, Crocs and Jason Sudeikis…

Over the Hedge

…no place but Over the Hedge.

You also don’t get handicapped parking for ADD.

I’ve tried.

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