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Busy Day

Hedge06242018This has never happened to me.

Never ever.

Almost never.

Maybe a few times.

I’ll stop typing now.

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It’s Lonely Offline

Hedge11172017The real world exists. You just can’t get there from here.

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Lord of the Snacks

oh130313Smackeeze: the first bag is free.

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A Hammy in One

Over the Hedge

I used to play a LOT of golf.   A LOT.  LIke 5X/week.   I had a problem.  I was addicted. So, I quit about five years ago.

You might be thinking golf is a silly thing to get addicted to.   I mean, golf is healthy, right?   It’s been five years and I still have bursitis in my left heel and I can’t stand up straight without my back going into spasms after ten minutes.   Golf reduces stress, right?  Only someone who’s never played would think that.   Golf is a game that for a couple holes and a half dozen strokes you can be as good as Tiger Woods (was).  And then it all goes to shit.  And you have no idea why.  But golf is played on a grand natural scale, right?   Not when you skull one into the weeds and your ball ends up next to a rattlesnake nest and you have to play it as it lies.

Golf is a game invented by sociopaths, played by lunatics and enjoyed by masochists.

But yet….  when a 70 foot putt snakes in, or you hit it so flush you can’t feel the ball on the club face, or you hit a hole in one (Plum Creek Golf Course, Kyle, TX, par 3 4th hole, 7 iron, 168 yards, Titliest NXT, one bounce and in the hole), then…

…it’s sublime, transcendent, EPIC!

How often do you get do something epic?  You just might do ANYTHING to do something epic?  You just might.

I did.

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