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Pedicure Pondering

Hedge03202017Actually our sun isn’t big enough to go supernova. It’ll expand into Earth’s orbit and vaporize us anyway.

As you can see, facts use a lot more words.


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Great Artist vs. Cow

oh160825This is all gravity’s fault. Bad, bad gravity. Boo.

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The Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Crazy Person

oh160822This crazy artist question has always intrigued me. I know some nice and sane artists and I know some bat shit nuts artists (you know who you are).  I fall somewhere in the middle. I have issues with procrastination, depression, anxiety and chips and queso. I try not to burden others with my  many neurosis, but sometimes they escape and run around the house in their underwear (boxer-briefs).

Anyway, enjoy this week where we delve into the artistic psyche. Delve is a fancy word that means dive. And since my psyche is quite shallow I’ll have to be careful I don’t break my neck.



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The Ruby-Necked Leaf Sculptor

oh160621Over the Hedge: Celebrating the Arts since 1995

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The One With the High Energy Schnauzer Collider


I don’t really understand what a Higgs boson is. Something about giving mass to other particles. The problem with particle physics is there are no good analogies. When things get very, very small and very, very strange we just can’t rely on experimental physicists to describe it to us. What we need is…

A high energy particle poet.

Or an artist that understands the science.

Unfortunately, that will be harder to find than the Higgs-Boson particle.  We’ll have to collide an physicist and an English major with enough force to create…

The Bard Particle.



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Mowing Outside the Lines

This is a rerun from 2010.  I think we blew a deadline and the syndicate had to substitute.

Nice job again by T.  Lot’s of fun Hammy expressions.

Some folks over at comics.com are upset to see a turtle up a tree.  Not natural.  So, thumbs, pockets and talking animals and trees are fine, but a turtle up a tree un-suspends their disbelief.




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