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Mulch Ado About Nothing

oh151114Stole today’s headline from Becca over in the gocomics Hedge comments.

Amateurs borrow. Professionals steal when they can’t think of anything better.


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The One That Gets Deep

oh151113 The mass of a deceased leaf is a lot more than you’d think. Lots of angst binds the molecules super tight.

VIP! WHAM! Smoooph.*

*The final exhalation of oxygen.

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Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

We should probably redraw that kicker panel on top. That’s from the first year of the strip. Verne looks a bit insect-like. His nose has grown over the years. He’s also grown three hairs. Time does weird things to all of us.

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How To Think Like Hammy

Step 1:  Don’t think.

Step 2:  I said, STOP thinking.

Step 3:  Okay, you know that thing you’re doing with your brain? STOP DOING IT!!

Step 4:  Take a giant bite of a snow cone. Swallow.  BRAIN FREEZE!!

Step 5:  Let you mind wander.*

(*But remember to use a leash).

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