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New Parents Are Cute

oh141113If prospective parents had any idea what they were in for, the human race would have died out a long time ago.  This is why the urge to procreate is so strong. It has to override the frontal lobe with it’s rational, careful future risk assessment.

Nature finds a way.

Clever nature.

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Happy Pew Year

oh121231Shameless gag. Shameless gag that’s probably been done a zillion times before (but not by us!).  Shameless gag that if it hasn’t been done before we will proud to call our own.

Over the Hedge: Your scatological New Year’s infant joke headquarters since 1995.

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Top 5 Reasons Teddy Bears Might Be Evil

5. Really into Edgar Allen Poe

4. Never blink

3. Filled with fiberfill and hate

2. Driven mad by lack of thumbs and indeterminate gender

1. Can kick GI Joe’s ass


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Something’s Happening On the Bed!

I’m going to apologize up front if you clicked in here because I tricked you into following your baser instinct to find out what’s happening on the bed.

I really feel bad. Sort of bad. Kinda bad. A little bad. Mildly bad. Bad-ish.

Seriously almost bad-ish-like.


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