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Live Free Or Cuddle

Teddy Bears are soldiers in a war against really short terrorists.  They deserve the thanks and support of a grateful nation of parents. A-men.

In other news: Hostess To Stop Making Twinkies!!

For those of you tweeting, commenting and e-mailing for RJ’s painful, gut shot response, remember the earliest we could comment in the strip would be in three weeks.  Also, we did a long story line on the same subject earlier this year, or maybe last year, or the year before.  I don’t know, they all run together.  Anyway, Twinkies is such a well known brand that I feel sure another snack cake company will pick it up.

For RJ’s sake, let’s all hope so.


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Twinkie Deathwatch: Day One, Brain Freeze

Yes, this is two week old news, but this is as fast as we can get to print.  Which must seem ridiculous for those of you reading online. But Hedge is still primarily a print comic, so our deadline fidelity is still to a dying horse-drawn industry in the age of instant cosmopolitans and microwave tater-tots.

The good part in all this is that RJ has been spared the traumatic news for two weeks.  Much like Cora, Duchess of Grantham on Downton Abbey last night was spared the news from the front that Matthew Crowley, the Earl in waiting, was missing in action.   Over the Hedge and Downton Abbey being, of course, so similar in scope and quality that it hardly bears mentioning.

Or as the Dowager Countess might  say, “Both to the manor born.  Though only one be born with manners. “


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