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Batteries Not Included

Hedge09112018Why does RJ have cooler and not a mini-fridge?

It’s a mystery.


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Batteries Not Included

oh140407Calamaria borders Cioppinioia and Muffulettastan on the Mare Marinara.

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Batteries Never Included

Terrific job by T.


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The Everready Hammy

Over the Hedge

We’re thinking about proposing a series of Hedge kid’s books that explain simple scientific concepts.  This week is a sort of test run/outline for a book explaining the seasons.    Hammy’s a perpetual four year old, so he’s the perfect “student.”  Verne is a perpetual know-it-all, so he’s the “teacher.”   And RJ is the perpetual slacker so he’s the “class clown.”

I don’t know if we’ll ever actually do this, but any encouragement will make me feel bad if we don’t.   And we all know self-loathing is my bread and butter go to motivational tool.


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