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Pimp That Verne

Hedge08152017Verne’s chapeau isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it works. BTW, I think Verne is sporting the new Pantone color called purple rain.


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Hurly Birds

oh140307My idea here was to have a whole bunch of birds hurling worms in the final panel.

That was my idea.

T has his own ideas.


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Occupy Suburbia: With Swedish Subtitles

I love Hammy’s punch line.  It really makes no sense, but it’s a funny kind of no sense.  You laugh before you have a chance to think about it.  But when you think about it, but it’s too late.  You already laughed.

I see a lot of comedy moving in this non sequitor direction.   The other night on “The New Girl” one of the characters didn’t want to go on the roof of their building because he was scared of a cat that lived up there.   The macho guy rationalized his fear by explaining, “I don’t like the roof, man.  There’s a cat up here.  It’s crazy.  It was raised by birds.”

I know.  It doesn’t read that funny.  But in the context of the show it was hilarious.  And, of course, it makes no sense at all.  Cats eat birds.  How could a bird raise a cat?  It would be like a lion being raised by an antelope.   But it was too late.

I’d already laughed.


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Nature’s Nastiest Little Secret

Over the Hedge

T wrote this one in an effort to help get us back on deadline for Sundays.   I like the gas mask on Verne.  I might have had the bird retort:   “We’re swell and we smell.  Get used to it.”

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