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Kids Bounce

Hedge06082017Except when they don’t. My daughter once fell off a swing. She came to me in tears and showed me her swollen wrist. My response, “Shake it off.” My smarter half took her to the ER. Cleanly snapped wrist.




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Squirrels Bounce

oh160913When my daughters were little and they fell down I would always point out that  kids bounce. Not very high. Or really at all. The point was they’re not these super fragile beings that need to be carefully cocooned every living second.

And then one day my daughter fell off a swing. In tears, she showed me her rapidly swelling wrist. I hugged her and told her to shake it off. My wife, the smart one, instantly realized it was more serious. Later, X-ray in hand, I was chastised by the sight of a clean total break of her radius.

So, basically, kids do not bounce. At least not all the time.

And I’m an idiot.

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Kids Bounce

oh140530One of things you learn as a parent is that kids bounce. Not very high. But they do bounce.

In other words they’re more durable than you think. Not indestructible. Just really hardy.





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Sugar Induced Naughtiness

Kids  do bounce.  Not high.  You have to really pay attention to see it,… but they do bounce.

There may be a broken limb or three.  Or a mild to moderate concussion, but they do bounce.  Therapy, both physical and psychological, may be required, but they do bounce.

Later in life, they may overreact to their having bounced by making their own kids live in a hermetically sealed bounce resistant padded bubble.

But they do bounce.

They do.

And that’s my revisionist-history-parenting-story and I’m sticking to it.


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