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Time Waits For One Squirrel

Over the Hedge - oh161127comb_ht.tifBet you didn’t know that Vop, Zoom, Zig Zog Zig Zog and Swit were the go to sound effects for faster than light travel.

Now you know.



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Hammy On Adderall

oh140908I wonder if Hammy will run into Wes Welker.

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The Gumby Effect

The Gumby Effect is a lot like the Doppler Effect. To an observer, as Hammy’s velocity increases his body turns into Silly Puddy, while from Hammy’s perpective his body was always Silly Puddy.

The butt scratching thing?  I just made that up on the spur of the moment.

As opposed to the rest of it which took a lot longer to make up.

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