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The Real Duck Dynasty

oh130731ZZ Top played a concert outside my dorm during my freshman year in college at Baylor University in 1977.  At the time, Baylor (a Southern Baptist school) was toying with loosening up their straight laced reputation (no dancing on campus) so as to appeal to a more diverse range of students (like me). Having ZZ Top play was an experiment — a short lived experiment after a cloud of pot wafted across the quad.

ZZ Top never played Baylor again.

I lasted three years before transferring to UT.

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The One With Games Involving Sticks and Dirt

oh130726I’m not one of those “things were better back in the good old days.” Things weren’t better, they were just different. Well, one thing was better…

I was a lot younger.

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The Special-est

oh130708I love this cartoon. I love the “special” ending.

It provoked some commentary over on comics.com about the use of the word “special.” A lot folks thought I was suggesting Hammy has “special” diminished mental faculties.

Please, for the 80 gagillionth time, Hammy is not stupid. Hammy is Hammy. He is a singularity of pure Hammyness.

He is not special.  He is the…


Thus sayeth the Creator.



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He Likes the Cookies

oh130611The comedic distance from set-up to punch line here is measured in light years.

Our 18 year (and counting) mission: To explore strange new story lines, to seek out obscure references and head scratching punch lines, to boldly go where no comic has gone before.

<cue rousing choral space theme>


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Eleventy Jillion Is Officially A Lot

oh130510E-bay’s cut of Eleventy Jillion is a LOT too!

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The Birds and the Bees… and Hammy

oh130414This is as close to a “dirty” joke as we can get in family newspapers. 

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The Genetically Reengineered Hammy of the Future

oh130326FYI, we don’t color the daily version of Hedge. If we did we wouldn’t put black dialogue against a dark blue (on my laptop screen) background.

I promise. We wouldn’t.

Contrary to popular opinion we really do want you to be able to read the strip.

We really do.

I promise.


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