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In Bits They Trust

oh131223I have no idea what Bitcoins are all about. Something about virtual currency, laundering money, China…


Fortunately, I don’t need to understand it to make fun of it. I don’t have to be ignorant to write good comics. But sometimes it helps.





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Life on Pause

oh131029Too much of anything is bad. Except for comics. And kid’s books. And pretty much anything I do creatively.  You can’t O.D. on me.

In theory.

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The 2nd Law of Hammy Dynamics

oh131010Take that, entropy!


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The High Price of Hugs

oh131007Actually, a wink and a nod will get you a Hammy hug. Sometimes all it takes is a nod. Sometimes just breathing will do it. In the case of plants, inanimate objects and zombies, you don’t have to be breathing. Do zombies breathe? They moan, so I guess there must be some sort of air transfer, if not, strictly speaking, an oxygen carbon dioxide exchange. I digress.



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Duck Tape

oh131004Hey, so I’m doing a Twitter Q&A Chat TODAY @ 1:30pCT! Ask me anything using #AskMichaelFry. My twitter name: _MichaelFry

Sample Questions For the Twitter Shy

1.  Are you wearing pants?

2. Is it true you once dated Angie Dickinson?

3. What should I tell my parents when I tell them I want to be a cartoonist?

4. Is Over the Hedge a metaphor for our foreign policy with Iran?  Or Belize?

5. Could you please comment on reports of inhumane child labor practices in your comics factory in Latvia?

6. Are you a clone gone wrong of Berkeley Breathed?

7.  Horse-sized duck, or a 100 duck-sized horses?

8.  Should Texas coach Mac Brown step down?

9. Are you the guy that taught Hunter Pence to throw without bending his elbow?

10. Is Hammy a god?


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The Real Duck Dynasty

oh130731ZZ Top played a concert outside my dorm during my freshman year in college at Baylor University in 1977.  At the time, Baylor (a Southern Baptist school) was toying with loosening up their straight laced reputation (no dancing on campus) so as to appeal to a more diverse range of students (like me). Having ZZ Top play was an experiment — a short lived experiment after a cloud of pot wafted across the quad.

ZZ Top never played Baylor again.

I lasted three years before transferring to UT.

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The One With Games Involving Sticks and Dirt

oh130726I’m not one of those “things were better back in the good old days.” Things weren’t better, they were just different. Well, one thing was better…

I was a lot younger.

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