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2018 is a Leap Year

Hedge123020172018 is going to be fine. At least, better than 2107. Mostly better. A bit better. Not worse. About the same. Okay, could be worse.


Or not.


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Expect Delays on the Road to Death

oh160129Google Maps is extremely detailed.

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Wash, Wince, Repeat

I know. This is the moldiest premise for a cartoon. Which is, I guess, appropriate for Verne.  Still, it’s a nice character bit.

Moving on…

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The One Where Verne is Awesomely Annoying

Verne’s super power is logic.  Which when applied to a sketchy evil plan to unleash chaos on the universe (or a cartoonist who’s written himself into a corner)  is fairly effective.  The rest of the time it’s just annoying.

Verne is the Mr. Spock of Over the Hedge.

Except without the Vulcan nerve pinch or the every seven year blood lust mate or die ritual of Pon Farr.



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