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RJ Has a Near Death Experience

Hedge08102018I like the ‘plop’ in the second panel. Like Verne is dropping the common sense into a soup of nougat, Yoo-hoo and creamy center.



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Common Moldy Sense

Hedge08092018Yeah, I know, Nutella doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Unless you’re trying to hide it from RJ.

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The One With A Man In Black (And a Happy Face Tie)

Common sense is a controlled substance? Controlled by whom?  Or what?  Wouldn’t you want as much common sense as possible?  Can there be such a thing as too much common sense? Why am I asking these questions?  Didn’t I write this in the first place? What was I thinking?  Was I thinking?  Am I able to think? What is the process by which I think? Does it involve controlled substances? Which controlled substances? Is it gin? How much gin?  Too much gin?  Too little gin? Just the right amount of gin? And one last question:…

Where can I buy a happy face tie?


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