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Mark Trail Starring Christian Bale

Hedge07212017I love assorted punctuation swear words. All of the impact of profanity without any of the responsibility.


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A Furry Alien God Child

oh161105The blue nut?

Or the red nut?

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Pumpkin Americans are Outraged

oh161025Verne can’t win. If he ever wins, it means we all lose, because without Verne losing all the time we don’t have conflict and we don’t have comedy.

It’s not my fault. I can’t be blamed. I’m bound by the conventions of comedy to be mean to Verne.

Verne loses. But hey, Pumpkin Americans win!

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Compassion > Conflict

oh161022I’m as guilty of lacking in compassion as anyone. Comedy and empathy really don’t mix. And there is no comedy without conflict. Yet… we should all take some time to consider the other’s POV. Just a moment. A second. A nano-second.

Then go ahead and make fun of your dancer wife tripping over a pencil on the floor.

Because, you know, it’s funny.

Sorry, hon.

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One For the Pantsless

oh160506RJ abuse!  See, it happens.


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It’s All About RJ

oh150521 Verne wouldn’t have a job if he weren’t Verne. He’d be happier. But two creatures happily getting along isn’t very interesting. Someone has to sacrifice. And that someone is Verne.

I don’t make the rules.

I can’t be blamed.

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