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Furry Zombies

Hedge04202017Hammy is very sure of himself on this one.


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The Downside of Cute

oh160602We’ve done this gag many, many times. Never gets old.

At least not yet.

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A Panda Ate My Baby

oh160518“The more things change, the more they remain insane.”

Yup. We said that. Look it up.

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The Vicious Circle of Precious

oh131009Here’s the proper order of appearance adjectives as males age: Precious, Adorable, Cute, Handsome, Hot, Steamy, Warm, Cuddly, Invisible To Females Under Forty, Distinguished, Craggy, Cuddly, Cute, Adorable, Precious.

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Feline Future News #1: Tom Cruise’s Kitchen Nightmare

Check out my latest distraction from making a living below.  Produced by me and the fine folks at Ralph Smythe Entertainment (who did almost all the work while I slowed them down with executive notes like, “A kitten wouldn’t say that.”   If you like, please share.


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Don’t Feed the Giggle-Whore

Oh, God this is just too ?!@#!!! cute!  See what you’ve reduced me to? Shameless pandering to the warmest and fuzziest common denominator.   And for what?  An errant chuckle?  A wan smile.  A stifled giggle?

That’s right.  My name is Mike and I’m a giggle-whore.

And it’s all your fault.  You made me this way with your constant demands to be entertained in a family-friendly-comic-page-stuck-in-the-1950’s-way.   You MONSTERS!

Are you happy now?  Are you?  ARE YOU?

Of course not.  You’ll never be happy until I’ve destroyed myself.  But I won’t give you the satisfaction.  You’ll see. I’ll show you. I’ll resist temptation.  I’ll rise above.  I’ll become the cartoonist I was always meant to be.  I’ll become…


And….  Scene.

This has been another episode of Melodrama Cartoon Theater staring myself as The Mental Patient.

Thank you and good evening.



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Mole People Suck

Over the Hedge

Those little sweat beads flying off Hammy are called swiddles, or swattles, or maybe splattles.

Or maybe it’s blood splatter from T repeatedly jamming his pen in his forehead from having to draw so many squirrel legs.

Blood splatter it is then.

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