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oh160225No, I don’t know why Verne’s belly looks like a reverse butt. I’ll send a memo and ask the art department.


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The Twinkpocalypse One That’s Two Weeks Late

oh121203I wrote this coming week on 11/19, which was as quickly as I could respond to the Twinkpocalypse and get it in papers. Even at that date we still get fined by the syndicate for being late. It’s always bugged me that in this day and age we can’t be more topical, but newspaper production schedules being what they are today is the earliest I could get this in.

I thought about blowing it off.  We had done a similar series a few months back. But after the news Hostess was going under we got so much commentary on comics.com, Twitter, Facebook and here that we had to do something.

It turned out to be a fun week with a great ending. We’ll get back to saving Christmas next week.

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The One with the Frankentree

Over the Hedge

Hammy running with the defibrillator paddles would make a pretty cool T-shirt.  What should the text be?


Choose Life!

I’ll save you!

Paging Dr. Hammy

Shock the Casbah!

I (heart) zap

I (lightening bolt) U!

Votes will be tabulated and a winner chosen at some future date to be determined.



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