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When the Shih Tzus Hit the Fan

oh160820Sorry for the late update. Internet was out all day yesterday. Ever since Verizon gave way to Frontier we’ve had problems. Slow and sporadic. #frontierfail

Anyhoo… This cartoon really brought out the right wing invective over on gocomics.com. I don’t get it. Hilary isn’t perfect. Or am I, or you for that matter. But Trump. C’mon. It’s really no comparison. He’s got shih tzu all over him.*

We will now take a break from politics and return tomorrow to our regular silliness.

*T added the shih tzu bit at the end. He has a soft spot for those barking mop tops.

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The Road to Thoughtlessness

oh140124They’d widen that stretch between Hopelessness and Death if it wasn’t hemmed in by The Hills of Despair.


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