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Hammy is NOT a Doctor

Hedge03222018All comic strip fake doctor characters have to wear an antiquated reflector.

It’s the LAW.


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Hammer Time

oh150724 Hammers taste like elbows. Don’t ask me how I know this.

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Turn Your Head and Laugh

oh150723,gufNot my favorite part of a check-up.

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A Cry For Help

oh150722I get a kick out of T using the archaic reflector/head mirror as the stereotypical universal doctor symbol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real doctor wear one in my life. From wikipedia:

A head mirror is a simple diagnostic device, stereotypically worn by physicians, but less so in recent decades as they have become somewhat obsolete.

A head mirror is mostly used for examination of the ear, nose & throat. It comprises a circular concave mirror, with a small hole in the middle, and is attached to a head band. The mirror is worn over the physician’s eye of choice, with the concave mirror surface facing outwards and the hole directly over the physician’s eye, providing illumination like a ring light.

In use, the patient sits and faces the physician. A bright lamp is positioned adjacent to the patient’s head, pointing toward the physician’s face and hence towards the head mirror. The light from the lamp reflects off the mirror, along the line of sight of the user, with the light being somewhat concentrated by the curvature of the mirror. When used properly, the head mirror thus provides excellent shadow-free illumination.

Because they were once in common use, notably by general practitioners and otorhinolaryngologists, head mirrors are often a stereotypical part of a physician’s uniform by costumers and prop men e.g. in comic routines. The main drawback to head mirrors was that they require some skill to use well.[citation needed] They are rarely seen outside of the ENT setting, having been largely replaced by pen lights among general practitioners. They are still routinely used by otolaryngologists, particularly for examination and procedures involving the oral cavity.

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Steampunked Verne

oh150721 Dumb gag. Funny visual saves it. Thanks, T.

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The Tail Bone’s Connected to the Spleen Bone

Over the Hedge

I designed that surgical diagram using the extensive knowledge I gleaned from when I was pre-med in college. The anatomical detail is impressive when you consider it’s drawn with a crayon entirely from memory.

Yes, I was all set to be a doctor until I learned cartoonists could sleep in and no one cared how many Bud Light Limes you had the night before.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less credentialed.
And that has made all the difference.

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