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Hammy vs. Physics

oh140622I can draw. But I can’t draw this well. Tip-o-the-pen to Mr. Lewis.

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ComicCon Appearance

I’ll be a ComicCon next week signing FREE copies of Odd Squad: Bully Bait at the Disney – Hyperion Booth at 3:30 on Sat. Then on the Kids: Comics in Action panel at 10 AM on Sun. Irony alert: It’s a drawing competition. Like selling tickets to a train wreck. You won’t want to want to miss it.


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The Slack Master

oh130108Interesting that you don’t need to see the characters to know who’s who. Kinda makes me question the whole need for actual drawings.

Ha-ha. Just kidding.

Sort of.


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Mowing Outside the Lines

This is a rerun from 2010.  I think we blew a deadline and the syndicate had to substitute.

Nice job again by T.  Lot’s of fun Hammy expressions.

Some folks over at comics.com are upset to see a turtle up a tree.  Not natural.  So, thumbs, pockets and talking animals and trees are fine, but a turtle up a tree un-suspends their disbelief.




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Ham in a Can

This is shaping up to be a fun week (or two). T’s doing a great job. This might have something to do with the fact that there are hardly any words and he has a lot more room to draw.  Maybe.

But probably not.



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Hammy’s To-Dance List: Tap

Tap dancing in the snow?

Have I mentioned I don’t draw Over the Hedge?

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Snappin’ Synapses


Saw this in my email subscription from comics.com and thought it was funny.   I drew this 13 years ago.   I like the art a lot.  So many of my cartoons back then look labored, but this one looks fresh.   The wacky borders were an experiment for a year or so to distinguish the panel on the comics page.  The problem was that when it was shot down to the size of nano-nit, it just looked like a muddy mess.

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