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Reclining Under the Influence

oh140617Also you shouldn’t recline and text… as anyone who’s read my late night tweets would attest.

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Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

oh130331This is pretty funny. I wrote this?

I guess I did. As loyal readers know I completely forget what I wrote about ten seconds after I wrote it. Which can lead me to be strangely detached from my work. It’s this thing that I do that I forget I do until I remember I did it. And then I feel embarrassed that I forgot I do the thing I do.

Kinda disturbing.

Clearly I should drink more.

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No One Wants To See the Butt-Fu

This one made me LOL in that I’d-forgotten-I’d-written-it-so-it-was-fresh-to-me-kind-of-way.  You see, due to my Bud Light Lime besotted memory even I can enjoy my own strip like any regular fan.

This is NOT an endorsement of drinking and writing.  This is an endorsement of writing then drinking then forgetting then reading.

Carry on.

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First Woman Banned from Every Pub in England and Wales

Laura Wilson, 20, is the first woman ever to be banned from every pub in England and Wales after being convicted for a series of public order offenses. 

After about three seconds of thought, it becomes glaringly obvious that by making her THE FIRST WOMAN EVER TO BE BANNED FROM EVERY PUB the authorities have GUARANTEED someone will ALWAYS buy her another round in Ireland or France or Spain or Italy or ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!   

If you want to stop someone from drinking you don’t make them an instant celebrity and allow them to travel freely and thereby MAKE IT EASIER FOR THEM TO DRINK!    

It would have made more sense for her to be convicted of jaywalking and then become the first person ever to be banned from crossing any street in the country.  At least then she couldn’t jaywalk in other countries because SHE’D HAVE TO CROSS A STREET TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!   

I have to stop.  I’m getting horse from all this yelling.

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