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RJ in Tighty-Whities

Hedge04142017Apologies. This is disturbing.

Though I have used a microwave to dry socks before.

Don’t judge me.


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The Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Crazy Person

oh160822This crazy artist question has always intrigued me. I know some nice and sane artists and I know some bat shit nuts artists (you know who you are).  I fall somewhere in the middle. I have issues with procrastination, depression, anxiety and chips and queso. I try not to burden others with my  many neurosis, but sometimes they escape and run around the house in their underwear (boxer-briefs).

Anyway, enjoy this week where we delve into the artistic psyche. Delve is a fancy word that means dive. And since my psyche is quite shallow I’ll have to be careful I don’t break my neck.



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