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How to Lose Weight

Over the Hedge

Eat less.  Exercise more.  There’s really nothing more to it.   I’ve lost 7 lbs. since the first of the year (20 more to go).  It’s really hard.  It’s not fun.  It totally sucks.   But I have to do it because I love my wife and she teaches weight management classes for the medically obese and I learned long ago that life is so much simpler when I do what she tells me to do.

I will not give up the beer, though.  Or breakfast tacos.  Or Bluebell Old-fashioned Vanilla ice cream with Triple Sec liquor (left over margarita fixings).  Or a once every two or three months prime New York strip at Bordeaux’s in downtown Kyle, TX.   Or the once a month mole chicken enchiladas at Trudy’s.   Or my once a month famous slow-cooked, smoked baby-backed ribs with the super-secret rub and The Salt Lick’s original BBQ sauce.

Eat less.  Exercise more.  Listen to your wife.  Savor your treats.

It should only take another ten years to lose the other twenty pounds.



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